Migrate to Australia

Australia is one of the world’s strongest economies in the world and many people want to migrate here for its diversity, amazing landscapes, and overall quality of life. The Australian migration program has a variety of options available and is open to anyone from any country regardless they meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants need the work permit from the Australian employer if they want to migrate to Australia on the basis of work permit visa. There are more than 100 different types of Australian visa – which one is best for you will depend on your profile.

SkillSelect migration program

After finish, their studies many international students who study in Australia choose to apply for permanent residency. Australia’s SkillSelect migration program is the way for international students to express their interest in applying for permanent residency.

SkillSelect is an online service that allows interested migrants to apply an online Expression of Interest (EOI). The EOI contains information related to their skills and attributes, which will be assessed through a points test. Once an EOI is done, migrants can be invited to for a skilled visa application or nominated for a skilled visa by Australian employers.

Skilled Independent Visa

Permanent residency visas are available in variety,  skilled migration for students who have graduated from Australian study and are not being sponsored by an eligible relative or employer, or nominated by an Australian state or territory.

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