Migrate to Canada


Canada has always been a favored destination when it comes to seeking a new experience in new surroundings. With its natural beauty and high standard of living, the land of the maple leaf also offers one of the warmest welcomes in the world to immigrants. There is so many visa option available for the immigrants to migrate to Canada. The most famous and common is The Express Entry Program. This program allows skilled and professional people to migrate to Canada on work permit basis and get settled there. There are so many occupations on demand list that are only fulfilled by the international workers.
So nowadays Express entry is the first choice of the people who want to migrate to Canada. As Canada provides its residents and nationals with a lot of benefits, from an excellent public school system to top-quality medical facilities.
The skilled worker has smoothed the path to Canada, as it has criteria that expats must meet. This process is now easier with the introduction of Express Entry, a fast-track immigration system that allows skilled workers to start his career as Canadian career.
Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under three economic immigration programmes:

  •  Federal Skilled Worker Programme,
  •  Federal Skilled Trades Programme and
  •  Canadian Experience Class.

Applicants have to score points based on details such as skills, work experience, languages and education — and are given a score out of 1,200. Applicants those meets the minimum Comprehensive Ranking Score will be invited to apply for Canada permanent residency.

A candidate can get additional points if he’s having education in Canada, a valid job offer or a nomination by a province or territory. After getting an invitation, there is a 90-day time period in which applicant has submit an online application for permanent residence. Most applications with the necessary supporting documents will be processed in six months or less, and even if candidates who have submitted an Express Entry profile do not receive an invitation within 12 months, they can reapply.


Check your eligibility with Free Assessment, If you are eligible to migrate to Canada.