Migrate to Denmark


Denmark is one of the most beautiful places in Europe with a very better economy. If you are planning to move to Denmark, it will be quite handy to have an in-depth view of Danish immigration regime. Danish migration process is broadly classified in 2 steps.

  1. Qualified residence in the country for 5 years
  2. Permanent residence citizenship of the country through naturalization.

It is possible to get a residence permit for the purpose of seeking work and working in Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Green card scheme are issued on the basis of an individual evaluation based on a point system.

Denmark Green Card Based On Points Based System

Denmark Green Card Points Based system assess the applicants on the basis of their skills and allows them to get a temporary residence permit visa on the basis of their qualifications for the motto of getting employment in the nation. The applicants can also get bonus points if they have earned their qualifications from an eligible university. Having good points allow an applicant to get a temporary residence permit. Entry of spouse and dependent children are permitted in cases too.

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