Migrate to Germany

Germany is a  typical Western European country with its own traditions and values. This influx of immigrants has only picked up with the emergence of the crisis, as Germany is one of the few European countries that has maintained low unemployment amid the economic malaise.

Skilled Migration

Germany with highly skilled workers get the visa, or family members who join them later in Germany can obtain the right to work in Germany as well and can stay there for the long time period.


Self-employment in Germany includes the Entrepreneur Visa, which allows migrants with a business plan and capital investment to start a new business in Germany. But it is recommended the minimum of EUR 250,000 but there is no fixed investment requirement for this visa.

To become eligible for German work permit, the basic requirements for the applicant and the German company are as follows:

  • The selected employee has to be employed on equal terms and conditions as a German employee.
  • If the German or other European nationals are not available to fill the vacant position.
  • The employee should have a university degree or comparable qualification. There are some special requirements for higher posts or vacancies.
  • The German company that hires the skilled workers must be registered under the Labor Authorities in Germany and have Corporate Registration Number.

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